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I am very happy with the service that you provided, but not happy with the product replica watches sale itself, as it is not a small amount of money which i paid. Please can you reply to this,so we can resolve this problem. As you can see the strap gets thicker the more you put it through the grasp, so it doesn't fit on my wrist. The only way that I can sort this out myself is to change the strap, but this will come at more expense to myself. I don't believe that I should do this as I have already a quite a lot of money to purchase this replica watches sale in the first place. This patek philippe replica watches sale is no good to me in its current state. Is there any way in which we can sort this out, ie a refund or exchange? I have been waiting for over a week already. Your tell me to wait several long is several days ?. Why didant you tell me you never had it in stock when I order them a week ago? Well I won't be buying another replica watch sale from u so can u send me my money.the money from wat you took and the money for the other watch.just send me the GMT 2. and refund me the money for the other in total you should send me back $224.42 you sent me the tracking number for my watches and it's been seven days and it's still in China. What's happening with my replica watches sale, I have bought thing before from China and this has never happened, I usually receive them within a week.


Replica Watches Sale